Tips for Playing Valorant on a Chromebook


If you’re looking for a way to play Valorant on your Chromebook, you’re in luck. Valorant is a popular first-person shooter game that can be played on a variety of devices, including Chromebooks. While you won’t be able to play the game directly on your Chromebook, there are a few different methods you can use to play Valorant on your Chromebook. In this article, we’ll show you how to use two different methods to play Valorant on your Chromebook.

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play, 5v5 character-based tactical shooter that was released on June 2, 2020. The game was developed by Riot Games and is available to play on PC, Mac, and Chromebook. The game features an ever- expanding roster of Agents, each with their own unique set of weapons and abilities.

If you’re looking to play Valorant on your Chromebook, there are a few things you should know. Here are some tips for playing Valorant on a Chromebook:

  • Make sure your Chromebook is powerful enough to run the game. Valorant is a demanding game and requires a decent amount of processing power to run smoothly. Check the minimum system requirements for Valorant before trying to play the game on your Chromebook.
  • Use a wired connection if possible. Wi-Fi can be unreliable and lead to laggy gameplay. If you’re able to use a wired connection, it will provide a much smoother gaming experience.
  • Consider investing in a gaming controller. Playing Valorant with a mouse and keyboard can be challenging. If you have the budget for it, consider investing in a gaming controller so you can have a better experience while playing the game.

Can you play valorant on chromebook

Yes, you can play Valorant on a Chromebook! Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your gaming experience:

  • Make sure your Chromebook is up to date. Valorant requires a minimum of Chrome OS version 83.
  • Check that your Chromebook has a compatible processor. Valorant will not run on ARM processors.
  • Install any updates for your graphics drivers. This can be done through the Chrome://settings page.
  • Close any unnecessary tabs and applications. This will help improve performance.
  • Allocate more RAM to Valorant by going to Chrome://flags and enabling the “Force dark mode for WebUI” flag.

Tips for Playing Valorant on a Chromebook

If you’re looking for a way to play Valorant on a Chromebook, you’re in luck. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Use the built-in Linux support: Chromebooks have built-in support for running Linux apps, so you can use this to install and run Valorant. This is the easiest way to play Valorant on a Chromebook, but not all Chromebooks support this feature. Check your device’s specs to see if it’s supported.

2. Use Chrome Remote Desktop: If your Chromebook doesn’t support Linux apps, you can still play Valorant using Chrome Remote Desktop. This lets you remotely access another computer that does have the game installed. You’ll need to set up the remote connection first, but once it’s done, you should be able to play Valorant on your Chromebook just like you would on any other computer.

3. Use a cloud gaming service: If you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a remote connection, you can also use a cloud gaming service like Vortex or Parsec. These let you stream games from another computer directly to your Chromebook, no setup required. There are free and paid options available, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to play Valorant on your Chromebook without any problems. Enjoy!

The Pros of Playing Valorant on a Chromebook

There are a few pros of playing Valorant on a Chromebook. First, Chromebooks are cheaper than most gaming laptops. They also have great battery life, so you can game for hours without having to worry about your battery dying. Chromebooks are also lightweight and portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Finally, Chromebooks have great graphics and performance, so you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience.


One of the best Chromebooks on the market is the Google Pixelbook Go. It’s incredibly lightweight and portable, making it perfect for taking on the go. The Pixelbook Go also has a long battery life, so you won’t have to worry about recharging it in the middle of a match.


Chromebooks are lauded for their low price tags. Many Chromebooks cost less than $200, which makes them much more affordable than most gaming laptops. So, if you’re looking for a cheap way to play Valorant, a Chromebook might be your best bet.

Ease of use

Valorant is a game that is designed to be easy to pick up and play. Even if you are not familiar with first-person shooters, the game does a good job of easing you into the mechanics. The controls are simple and easy to learn, and the tutorials do a great job of teaching you the basics of the game. Chromebooks are also very easy to use, with a simplified interface that is perfect for first-time users. You can have Valorant up and running in minutes, without having to worry about complex settings or configurations.

The Cons of Playing Valorant on a Chromebook

While there are some definite advantages to playing Valorant on a Chromebook, there are also some significant drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks is that not all Chromebooks are created equal. Some Chromebooks simply don’t have the horsepower to run Valorant without slowing down or lag issues. Another big issue is that Chromebooks don’t have access to the same graphics options as a PC. This can lead to lower frame rates and poorer visuals.

limited storage

Chromebooks have very limited storage when compared to other laptops. This can be a problem when trying to install large games such as Valorant. When trying to install Valorant, you may receive an error message saying that there is not enough storage on your device. This can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to play with friends who do not have the same storage limitations.

Another con of playing Valorant on a Chromebook is the lack of gaming-specific features. Chromebooks are not designed for gaming and do not have the necessary features to run games smoothly. For example, Chrome OS does not support high frame rates or gaming-specific graphics settings. This can make for a less than ideal gaming experience.

Poor graphics

Chromebooks are known for their affordability, portability, and ease of use. However, when it comes to gaming, Chromebooks are usually not the first choice for gamers. This is because most games require a bit more power than what a Chromebook can provide. Valorant is a new game that has taken the gaming world by storm. It is an online tactical shooter game that has amazing graphics and gameplay. However, can a Chromebook handle this type of game? We take a look at the pros and cons of playing Valorant on a Chromebook.

One of the biggest cons of playing Valorant on a Chromebook is the graphics. Because Chromebooks are not as powerful as other gaming laptops or computers, the graphics will not be as good. This means that you may not be able to see all the details in the game or the characters may not look as realistic. Another con is that there are not many games that are compatible with Chromebooks. This means that you may not be able to find your favorite games to play on your Chromebook. Finally, because Chromebooks are not designed for gaming, they may overheat if you play for too long. This could damage your Chromebook and shorten its lifespan.

Despite these cons, there are some pros to playing Valorant on a Chromebook. One of the biggest pros is that Chromebooks are very affordable. If you are looking for a cheap laptop or computer to play Valorant on, then a Chromebook is a great option. Another pro is that Chromebooks are very portable. This means that you can take your Chromebook with you wherever you go and play Valorant on the go. Finally, many people find that they prefer the simplicity of Chrome OS over other operating systems when they are gaming.

Lack of support for certain games

One of the big cons of playing Valorant on a Chromebook is that there is a lack of support for certain games. While popular games like Fortnite and Roblox are playable on Chromebooks, not all games are created equal when it comes to compatibility. Games that require a lot of processing power, like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), may not run as smoothly on a Chromebook as they would on a gaming PC. Likewise, some games may not be available on the Google Play Store or may only be available in limited editions.

Another potential con of playing Valorant on a Chromebook is the potential for lag. Though many Chromebooks come equipped with powerful processors and plenty of RAM, they don’t always offer the same level of performance as a gaming PC. This can lead to issues with input lag, which can be frustrating for gamers who are trying to compete at a high level.

There are also some general cons that come with playing any game on a Chromebook. Because Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, they can be susceptible to viruses and malware. Additionally, Chrome OS doesn’t have as many features and customization options as Windows 10 or macOS, so gamers who are used to those operating systems might find Chromebooks to be limiting.